Kate Wolf

Co-founder, Artistic Director and Creative Learning Specialist

I have led drama workshops in South-East Asia and now work as a freelance performing arts teacher in London primary schools, creatively combining drama, movement and music. I have also worked as a carer for young people with special needs for five years, working one-on-one in the community and taking groups on outdoor adventure holidays in the Lake District, as well as performing for the children as my clown, ‘Spoon’. This has given me insight into the power that play, interaction and comedy hold to reveal and release sides which are sometimes hidden. My experiences have taught me that there is inspiration everywhere if we only open ourselves to it, and my studies at The London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) have guided (sometimes pushed, sometimes pulled) me into a much deeper experience of not only theatre, but of living. All my work and research is dedicated to exploring how creativity can be ignited as a tool for positive change; to challenge, inspire, and encourage communication.

Elizabeth Grace

Co-founder and Producer

Introduced at a young age to the benefits of movement and art I am passionate about bringing performances and workshops to others. As a freelance artist working in the North East I produced and directed theatre from emotive triggers often resulting in surreal and thought-provoking outcomes. After teaching drama, facilitating workshops and observing theatre in many environments I am fascinated with how the artist/performer/company creates a truthful bond... can theatre reach out further? My nature has always been drawn to the locked door covered in cobwebs, yet creating theatre that hands out keys is not in my interest. To welcome audiences in a co-process of acknowledging inner boundaries and how they might move is an aspiration that I work to achieve with Cobblers.

We regularly collaborate with practitioners from different disciplines. All of our CRB checked actors are carefully selected through auditions followed by workshops.

Madeleine Hunter

Costume and Set Designer

Madeleine Hunter is a London based artist who works across the spectrum of Theatre Design, Art Direction and Prop making. She graduated from an MA in Performance Design and Practice at Central St Martin's and now works freelance as a designer and visual artist, and has worked in films, photo shoots and theatres. In her own work, she is particularly interested in transforming the mundane to the magical and seeing the extraordinary in the everyday.

Penny Levick

Performer and Composer

Penny is originally from Holland and is a multi-talented theatre-maker. She has loved and lived theatre all her life. With an education in Lecoq-based theatre, her interests lie in the rhythm and musicality behind a performance. She sings and plays many different instruments, and enjoys experimenting with found objects to create sounds. She is a freelance performing arts teacher and is interested in the therapeutic effects of this. Penny composes the music and soundscape for Cobblers’ shows.