'ALIEN ENCOUNTERS: Explorer Nora's Adventures in Space'

Explorer Nora is 9000 years old and she’s been pretty much everywhere, but she knows there's more to see... Join her as she sings her way into outer space and dances her way through an alien invasion. Complete with puppetry, upside-down times, and a very silly monkey, ‘Alien Encounters’ is a feast for all the senses.

'Alien Encounters' is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 and was designed with children with SEN in mind.

Explorer Nora Workshop

It is a common misconception that confidence and an outgoing personality is a pre-requisite for being creative. We believe that creativity is inherent in everyone, and are interested in exploring the pathways to releasing this. What is creativity?? – being playful, open, inquisitive, curious, resourceful, enthusiastic, taking risks, experimenting, allowing for happy accidents…

We offer Explorer Nora workshops for a full hands-on exploratory experience. How far can your imaginations take you?

Whatever your event, we can adapt our workshops to fit your needs. Activities range from artistic workshops which best suit children with SEN to prepare them for the show, to physical drama games and exercises based on material from the show.


The clown is the ultimate lesson in staying open and playful. Having performed in hospitals, at children’s parties and with children with special needs, we have gained insight into the gift that the clown has to engage an audience and to create laughter and wonder. Spoon, Bott, Peep and Pudding offer interactive performances and walkabout fun. Think magic, songs, games, parachute fun, bubbles, puppets, interactive adventures and general ridiculousness, perfect for parties and events that need a little something special.

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'A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.'

Roald Dahl